Virtual Modbus port

sim-modbus-port service simulates Modbus TCP and RTU ports. The ports are mapped to real ones which means any equipment with Modbus support can connect to the virtual Modbus and work with it the same way as with a real one.

A port is an entry point into virtual Modbus. All Modbus simulated devices are assigned to a particular port service.


The virtual Modbus port is a standard EVA ICS v4 service and can be created as:

eva svc create sim.modbus1.port /opt/eva4/sim/svc-tpl-sim-modbus-port.yml

where the service configuration template is:

command: sim/sim-modbus-port
  path: var/bus.ipc
    - path:
      protocol: tcp
    #- path: /dev/ttyS0:9600:8:N:1
      #protocol: rtu
  verbose: true
user: nobody

If binding to serial ports, ensure the service user has access to devices.

A single port service can listen on multiple TCP/serial ports if required.


The service does not provide any EAPI methods.