Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi micro-computer, as well as any clone, home or industrial, can be used to run any of EVA ICS components.

Hardware recommendations

To get max performance and avoid slowdowns, Raspberry Pi 3 or newer model is highly recommended. It’s also recommended to install at least UHS-I Class SD Card or faster.


Proceed with installation. Note that as soon as Raspbian Linux is detected, EVA ICS installer script install pandas and cryptography Python modules with apt (pandas installation is very slow, cryptography has known problems when compiling from source). If your computer uses any Raspbian clone, which is not detected properly, append –force-os raspbian to EVA ICS installer (run all commands as root):

curl https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/install | sudo sh /dev/stdin -a --force-os raspbian

It’s also recommended to double-check is UTF-8 locale supported properly and if no - reconfigure it with

dpkg-reconfigure locales


Raspberry Pi GPIO can be used with ready-to-use EVA ICS v3 PHIs. All GPIO PHIs require gpiozero Python module, so instal it first.

Put “gpiozero pigpio RPi.GPIO” to EXTRA var in /opt/eva/etc/venv, then run


There are 3 primary PHIs for GPIO bus:

  • gpio_button handles GPIO inputs

  • gpio_out handles GPIO outputs

  • gpio_power similar to gpio_out but sets GPIO OUT to 1 as soon as Universal Controller is started (e.g. used to give power to other controlled equipment).

Example, let’s put a hardware button (or any other input) on GPIO port 20 and monitor it (you will probably need to run all commands as root, also you may type eva uc -I to start interactive Universal Controller shell):

eva uc phi download https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/phi/gpio/gpio_button.py
# gpio_buttons PHI module requires all ports to be listed in load config.
eva uc phi load gbuttons gpio_button -c port=20 -y
# create button sensor
eva uc create sensor:buttons/button20 -y
# assign driver to sensor
eva uc driver assign sensor:buttons/button20 gbuttons.default -c port=20 -y

That’s all. When button is pressed, value of sensor:buttons/button20 is set to 1.