Philips Hue

EVA ICS can work with Philips Hue via Hue bridge.


Connect LEDs to Hue bridge.


In EVA ICS all LEDs have common single format, where unit status is 0 for OFF, 1 for ON and unit value is 24-bit hexadecimal color code.

Philips Hue uses XYB palette which can not be properly converted back to hexadecimal RGB. For that reason, only unit status (0/1) is updated in case if Hue LED is additionally controlled by 3rd party or native Philips app.

Let’s connect the bulb to Universal Controller:

eva uc phi download
# PHI module for Philips Hue supports "discover" command, so we can discover
# the bridge in network to obtain its IP
eva uc phi discover philips_hue_leds
# consider the bridge has IP address To make a link between
# PHI and Hue Bridge, you must either specify "user" configuration param or
# press "link" button on Hue bridge and load PHI within 30 seconds.
eva uc phi load hue1 philips_hue_leds -c host= -y
# create unit
eva uc create unit:lights/lamp1 -y
# list available PHI ports
eva uc phi ports hue1
# assign driver, e.g. to port 1
eva uc driver assign unit:lights/lamp1 hue1.default -c port=1 -y
# enable unit actions
eva uc action enable unit:lights/lamp1
# turn the bulb on and set it to, e.g. red:
eva uc action exec unit:lights/lamp1 1 -v "#FF0000" -w 5


PHI tries to delete specified (or created) user, when unloading.