Denkovi Electronics is a hardware developer/vendor, which is focused on relay modules and accessories.

Equipment supported

  • dae_ip16r smartDEN-IP-16R 16-port TCP/IP controlled relay

  • dae_pbro5ip DAE-PB-RO5-DAEnetIP4 5-port TCP/IP controlled relay

  • dae_ro16_modbus DAE-RO16-MODBUS 16-port Modbus relay

  • dae_ip32in smartDEN IP-32IN (digital inputs only)

Relay setup

Connect relay module to local network, make sure SNMP API is enabled.

Let’s connect smartDEN-IP-16R 16-port relay to Universal Controller. Consider relay module has IP address, SNMP community is default (private):

eva uc phi download
eva uc phi load relay1 dae_ip16r -c host= -y
# create units
eva uc create unit:lights/lamp1 -y
eva uc create unit:lights/lamp2 -y
# assign driver. consider lamp1 is on port 1, lamp 2 on port 2
eva uc driver assign unit:lights/lamp1 relay1.default -c port=1 -y
eva uc driver assign unit:lights/lamp2 relay1.default -c port=2 -y
# enable unit actions
eva uc action enable unit:lights/lamp1
eva uc action enable unit:lights/lamp2

smartDEN IP-32IN setup

Connect module to local network, make sure SNMP API is enabled. To let Universal Controller receive SNMP traps from digital inputs, open module web admin -> Digital Inputs and select the ports you want to receive traps from. Make sure trap value is 2 (both). Then enter SNMP traps section and enter Universal Controller IP address and SNMP trap community (default is eva).

PHI ports are 1-16 for digital inputs, a1-a8 for analog inputs and t1-t8 for temperature sensor (B57500M) inputs.

Consider we want to monitor digital input 2, analog input 3 and temperature sensor input 4. Module IP address is, SNMP read community is default (public):

eva uc phi download
eva uc phi load ip32in dae_ip32in -c host= -y
# create sensors
eva uc create sensor:inputs/din2 -y
eva uc create sensor:inputs/ain3 -y
eva uc create sensor:env/temp4 -y
# enable sensors
eva uc update sensor:inputs/din2 -s1
eva uc update sensor:inputs/ain3 -s1
eva uc update sensor:env/temp4 -s1
# assign driver
eva uc driver assign sensor:inputs/din2 ip32in.default -c port=2 -y
eva uc driver assign sensor:inputs/ain3 ip32in.default -c port=a3 -y
eva uc driver assign sensor:env/temp4 ip32in.default -c port=t4 -y
# Consider, when DIN2 is modified, SNMP trap is being sent to UC, but let's
# update sensor every 10 seconds anyway, in case if trap is lost:
eva uc config set sensor:inputs/din2 update_interval 10 -y
# analog input sensor will be updated every 500ms
eva uc config set sensor:inputs/ain3 update_interval 0.5 -y
# temperature sensor will be updated every 30 seconds
eva uc config set sensor:env/temp4 update_interval 30 -y


Module returns value “- - -” if temperature sensor is not connected, but PHI module will set sensor status to -1 (error).

Performance tuning

If PHIs become slow, it’s recommended to install python3-netsnmp module, which is much faster than native SNMP implementation:

Put python3-netsnmp to EXTRA var in /opt/eva/etc/venv, then run


You will also probably need libsnmp-dev system package. Check module setup output for details.