EVA ICS® v4 is a new-generation Industrial-IoT SCADA platform for Industry-4.0 automated control systems.


EVA ICS v4 is currently in closed-beta stage and available for Enterprise customers only. Expected release date: end of September 2022

  • The world-first and only Enterprise SCADA platform, written completely in Rust: extremely fast, secure and stable.

  • Allows to handle millions of objects on a single node.

  • Provides the real control of objects: actions and various automation scenarios can be executed, both locally and remotely.

  • The new v4 micro-core architecture is completely scalable and allows to build complex setups for any industrial needs: factories, power plants, military sector etc.

  • Real-time event replication and interaction between cluster nodes and web HMI applications.

  • Supported architectures out-of-the-box (Linux only): x86_64, aarch64.


This is the primary EVA ICS v4 documentation site