Worker intervals

Intervals are set with interval method, e.g.:

import { IntervalKind } from "@eva-ics/webengine"

eva.set_interval(IntervalKind.Reload, 5);

the value means seconds. Available intervals:

  • IntervalKind.ActionWatch action result watcher interval

  • IntervalKind.AjaxReload reload item states when working in AJAX mode

  • IntervalKind.AjaxLogReload reload server log records when working in AJAX mode

  • IntervalKind.Heartbeat server heartbeat interval

  • IntervalKind.Reload force reload items when working in web socket mode.

  • IntervalKind.Restart the interval between automatic restart attempts.

  • IntervalKind.WsBufTtl asks the server to group WebSocket events in buffers with a desired TTL (sec)