Creating dumps


In case of hardly repeatable errors it is recommended to instantly create a dump file with Command-line tools:

eva dump
# or directly with eva-cloud-manager
/opt/eva4/bin/eva-cloud-manager node dump


Unlike v3, in EVA ICS v4 dumps are created not by the core but by eva-cloud-manager, so it is usually safe to dump productional systems.

Dumps are bzip2-compressed JSON files, which can be opened e.g. with:

bzcat /path/to/dump.bz2 | jq

The dump file contains various information about the node, including configuration keys, items, services and their states etc. Also, the dump contains memory log messages and actions for the last hour (up to 10k records), so it is highly recommended to create a dump as soon as the problem occurred.


Plain dumps may contain sensitive private information, such as passwords, access keys etc. Never send plain dumps to untrusted 3rd parties, also never send plain dumps using public communication channels.


If a support contract is available or expected, create an encrypted service-request dump:

eva dump -s
# or directly with eva-cloud-manager
/opt/eva4/bin/eva-cloud-manager node dump -s

Such dumps are RSA-encrypted and can be opened by EVA ICS core-team engineers only.


Encrypted dumps are safe-to-send using any public channel available.

Support requests

If no support contract is available, a new one can be requested at page or from the official partners. After filling the form you will be contacted by a core-team support engineer. Do not forget to prepare a system dump.

Community support

Community support is limited and available at only.