EVA ICS application requires Grafana 9.5.2 or above.

Via Grafana catalog

Not available yet.


  • Download the latest application version from

  • unzip the downloaded archive into Grafana plugins folder (on Linux: /var/lib/grafana/plugins)

  • edit Grafana configuration (on Linux: /etc/grafana/grafana.ini) to allow loading the unsigned application plugins:

# .....
# .....
allow_loading_unsigned_plugins = bohemiaautomation-evaics-datasource,bohemiaautomation-evaicsehmi-panel,bohemiaautomation-evaics-app
  • restart Grafana server:

systemctl restart grafana-server
  • In Grafana UI, go to Administration -> Plugins, select “EVA ICS” application plugin and click “Enable” button.