Scheduled jobs

Scheduled jobs are similar to decision-making rules except they’re triggered when the specified time comes.

To manage scheduled jobs you may use eva lm (lm-cmd) console applications, LM API functions or an appropriate LM EI interface section.

Jobs configuration is stored in runtime/lm_job.d/ folder.

Job creation

Jobs can be created with either LM API create_job function or with EVA shell.

To configure job you may specify action and schedule, or you may set job parameters one-by-one after the job is created.

To specify action and schedule during job creation, use the following format. Note that controller doesn’t check is macro exists on the moment of job creation:

eva -I
job create [action] [every <schedule>]

Example, start unit unit:ventilation/v1 (call start macro function) every 5 minutes.

job create @start('unit:ventilation/v1') every 5 minutes

Another example, run macro macro1 every hour:

job create macro1(1, 2, x=test) every hour


New job is always created as “disabled” and you must enable it with “job enable” CLI command or call LM API function set_job_prop, setting enabled=True.

Job configuration

  • description job description

  • enabled if True, job is enabled (new jobs are disabled by default)

  • every schedule interval

  • macro macro that is executed

  • macro_args arguments the macro is executed with

  • macro_kwargs keyword arguments the macro is executed with

Job schedule interval

Schedule interval (every parameter) is set in a human-readable format. Examples:

  • second execute job every second

  • 5 seconds execute job every 5 seconds

  • 2 minutes at :30 execute job every 2 minutes at 30th second

  • 5 hours execute job every 5 hours

  • 2 days execute job every 2 days

  • wednesday at 13:15 execute job every Wednesday at 13:15