Item state expiration service

Marks items as expired/error.

Useful to create lvar timers (timers have status -1 when expired) or set error item states (items get status=1 if not updated for a long time, e.g. because of a data puller service crash).


Use the template EVA_DIR/share/svc-tpl/svc-tpl-expiration.yml:

# State expiration service
command: svc/eva-svc-expiration
  path: var/bus.ipc
  ## check interval, seconds
  interval: 0.1
  ## items to check, OID=SEC
    #sensor:tests/x1: 5
    #unit:tests/u2: 5
    #lvar:tests/timer1: 10.0
user: nobody

Create the service using eva-shell:

eva svc create eva.svc.exp1 /opt/eva4/share/svc-tpl/svc-tpl-expiration.yml

or using the bus CLI client:

cd /opt/eva4
cat DEPLOY.yml | ./bin/yml2mp | \
    ./sbin/bus ./var/bus.ipc rpc call eva.core svc.deploy -

(see eva.core::svc.deploy for more info)