Virtual Fieldbus Simulator

EVA ICS Virtual Fieldbus Simulator is a pack of services which can simulate a virtual fieldbus on any EVA ICS v4 node.

Virtual Fieldbus

The source code is available at

Currently Virtual Fieldbus Simulator supports simulation of Modbus and TwinCAT/ADS.

EVA ICS can combine both Virtual Fieldbus Simulator and SCADA services on the same machine, however there are no internal bus methods for SCADA services to directly synchronize data with the virtual fieldbus.

To connect to a virtual fieldbus, the standard services must be used (e.g. Modbus: Modbus master controller) as any software/hardware acts with virtual fieldbus as with a real one.

Certain virtual services may provide internal bus methods for fieldbus data visualization which can be accessed by EAPI commons applications/services or via HMI service as bus::<SVC>::<METHOD> HTTP API methods.

Virtual Fieldbus Simulator documentation


Virtual Fieldbus Simulator is not designed to work with productional data and can not be used as a real fieldbus replacement.

Use the provided software at your own risk, for educational, testing and development purposes only.

What is new

  • 2023-09-03 v1.0.1 TwinCAT/ADS simulator, removed internal generators

  • 2023-07-11 v1.0.0 Initial release, Modbus simulator