Sonoff is a line of smart power control equipment, which can be integrated with EVA ICS.



EVA ICS can work only with Sonoff equipment running Tasmota firmware.

All Sonoff equipment is controlled via 2 PHI modules:

  • sonoff_basic all Sonoff single-port equipment

  • sonoff_mch all Sonoff multi-port equipment

As Sonoff exchange data via MQTT only, you must setup MQTT notifier for Universal Controller first. Note that PHI modules always require full MQTT topic despite notifier space is set.

For the initial integrations, we recommend simple MQTT server mosquitto, which is included in all popular Linux distributions and is very easy to configure.

Let’s configure notifier if it doesn’t exists yet. Consider we have MQTT server setup on IP with username eva and password 123:

eva ns uc create eva_1 mqtt:eva:123@
eva ns uc test eva_1
eva ns uc enable eva_1
# restart controller if everything is okay
eva uc server restart

After MQTT server / notifier is set up, configure Sonoff connection to MQTT server and set the control / monitoring topic, e.g. to equipment/sonoff1. We’ll use in this example notifier named eva_1, which is default notifier in EVA ICS controllers. If you use different notifier ID, it should be specified in n config param of PHI module.

Let’s connect the single-port Sonoff to Universal Controller:

eva uc phi download
eva uc phi load sonoff1 sonoff_basic -c t=equipment/sonoff1 -y
# create unit
eva uc create unit:lights/lamp1 -y
# assign driver
# note: if sonoff_mch module is used, you must also specify "-c port=N"
# param, where N is port number
eva uc driver assign unit:lights/lamp1 sonoff1.default -y
# enable unit actions
eva uc action enable unit:lights/lamp1