Mirror service

Allows to host mirror for the current version of EVA ICS distribution and Python modules if venv is configured.

Updating mirror files on the source node


The files must be updated every time the source node is updated to a new version/build.

Use either eva-shell:

eva mirror update

or EVA Cloud Manager CLI:

/opt/eva4/bin/eva-cloud-manager node mirror-update

Configuring mirror on target nodes

Use either eva-shell:

eva mirror set <URL>

or EVA Cloud Manager CLI:

/opt/eva4/bin/eva-cloud-manager node mirror-set <URL>


Use the template EVA_DIR/share/svc-tpl/svc-tpl-mirror.yml:

command: svc/eva-svc-mirror
  path: var/bus.ipc
  mime_types: share/mime.yml
  mirror_path: mirror
  buf_size: 16384
user: nobody

Create the service using eva-shell:

eva svc create eva.svc.mirror /opt/eva4/share/svc-tpl/svc-tpl-mirror.yml

or using the bus CLI client:

cd /opt/eva4
cat DEPLOY.yml | ./bin/yml2mp | \
    ./sbin/bus ./var/bus.ipc rpc call eva.core svc.deploy -

(see eva.core::svc.deploy for more info)