Enterprise extensions

EVA JS Framework WASM extension

WASM extension for EVA JS Framework offloads state processing from the web browser JavaScript engine to the WASM application, allowing SCADA HMI to monitor hundreds of items without any client device overhead.

According to tests, EVA JS Framework with WASM extension is about 20x times faster, than in regular mode.


  • Obtain WASM extension from a Bohemia Automation representative.

  • The extension requires EVA JS Framework version 0.3.25 or above.

  • Unpack evajw-XXXX.tgz archive into the directory where EVA JS Framework is installed. E.g. if the framework is installed in /opt/eva/ui, the module should be placed in /opt/eva/ui/evajw.

  • (Recommended). Make sure the system has wasm MIME type configured properly in /etc/mime.types. If corrections were made, restart SCADA Final Aggregator with eva sfa server restart command. If using front-end web server, e.g. NGINX, make sure its MIME is also configured (/etc/nginx/mime.types):

application/wasm wasm
  • Put the following code in your HMI, before starting the web-HMI application or EVA JS Framework:

$eva.wasm = true;
  • The WASM module will be automatically loaded at framework start.

  • If the module is not available, the error message will be displayed in the JavaScript development console, as well in the web browser and HMI will be stopped.

  • If the module license is not valid for the current domain or expired, the error message is displayed in JavaScript development console plus an alert and the framework automatically switches itself to the regular mode.

  • To make sure the WASM module works fine, enable debug mode in EVA JS Framework:

$eva.debug = true;
  • When debug mode is enabled, events processed by the WASM extension are prefixed with “W” (e.g. EVA::Wws state instead of a regular EVA::ws state).

  • Also, the method get_mode returns current framework mode:

$eva.get_mode(); // "js" for regular, "wasm" for WASM extension


  • The WASM extension is licensed for the specified customers’ domains and can not be used on others. If a user requires accessing web-HMI via IP address, it should be added in the license as well.

  • The license is built-in into the copy of the WASM extension, owned by the customer.

  • The license may have expiration time or be perpetual.

  • To check the license expiration time manually, the following function can be used:

evajw.get_license_expiration(); // returns either null or the license
                                // expiration timestamp
  • The list of domains/IP addresses is encrypted and can not be read.


  • The WASM extension does not support calling the unwatch method for the particular handler function. Watch can be cleared by oid or globally only.

  • OID masks do not support internal wildcards (e.g. sensor:/test*)

PSRT Enterprise

PSRT Enterprise is the cluster-enabled version of our PSRT server, recommended for big industrial/enterprise setups.

Packages for Debian, Ubuntu and other deb-compatible Linux distributions can be downloaded at https://pub.bma.ai/psrt-enterprise/