Connecting to a node

Connection dialog

When Cloud Manager UI is started, the connect window appears automatically:


To manage connection, use the marked connect/disconnect tool bar buttons.

Connection path

The following connection modes are supported:

  • http/https requires HMI service deployed and administrator user credentials.

  • rt connects to a node via the local bus


Make sure HMI service service is deployed and running.

If there are no administrator users on the node yet, create one, e.g. with eva-shell:

eva user create admin # type a password when prompted
eva user edit admin

and modify user’s ACLs as the following:

acls: ['admin']

The default connection path is <IP/HOST>:7727, the default protocol is http://.


HTTP/HTTPS connector does not support redirects for security purposes. Make sure the URI is final.

Local bus (BUS/RT)

For the local host, specify the connection path as /opt/eva4/var/bus.ipc, for remote nodes, a bus TCP socket must be configured (see eva/config/bus, no credentials required).


The selected timeout must match the longest operating timeout. Consider e.g. if heavy resource payloads are imported, the timeout must be increased to avoid errors.