AKCP sensors can be integrated into Universal Controller with either SNMP traps or corresponding PHI modules.

Both ways require sensors to be connected to AKCP SensorProbe or SecurityProbe device, which acts as SNMP bridge.

Equipment supported

  • AKCP_MD00 motion detector

  • AKCP_SK00 smoke detector

  • AKCP_THSXX temperature/humidity sensor


All AKCP sensors send SNMP traps on connect/failure, detector sensors also send traps on event.

Both ways (using SNMP trap parser or PHIs), require SNMP trap handler to be properly configured and set in AKCP SensorProbe/SecurityProbe as a trap handler server (field snmptrap of config/uc/main registry key).

Consider AKCP SensorProbe IP is, motion detector is installed on port 1, smoke detector - on port 2, temperature/humidity sensor - on port 4.

# motion detector
eva uc phi download https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/phi/sensors/alarm/akcp_md.py
# PHI module is loaded for the particular SensorProbe/port
eva uc phi load md1 akcp_md -c host=,sp=1 -y
# create motion sensor
eva uc create sensor:security/motion1 -y
# assign driver to sensor
eva uc driver assign sensor:security/motion1 md1.default -y

# smoke detector
eva uc phi download https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/phi/sensors/alarm/akcp_sk.py
eva uc phi load sk1 akcp_sk -c host=,sp=2 -y
# create smoke sensor
eva uc create sensor:security/smoke1 -y
# assign driver to sensor
eva uc driver assign sensor:security/smoke1 sk1.default -y

# temperature/humidity sensor
eva uc phi download https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/phi/sensors/env/akcp_ths.py
# PHI for AKCP_THSXX provides 2 virtual ports: t and h
eva uc phi load ths1 akcp_ths -c host=,sp=4,retries=3 -y
# create temperature and humidity sensors
eva uc create sensor:env/temp1 -y
eva uc create sensor:env/hum1 -y
# assign driver to sensors
eva uc driver assign sensor:env/temp1 ths1.default -c port=t -y
eva uc driver assign sensor:env/hum1 ths1.default -c port=h -y
# setup sensors to update state every 30 seconds
config set sensor:env/temp1 update_interval 30 -y
config set sensor:env/hum1 update_interval 30 -y

Performance tuning

If AKCP_THSXX PHI becomes slow, it’s recommended to install python3-netsnmp module, which is much faster than native SNMP implementation:

Put python3-netsnmp to EXTRA var in /opt/eva/etc/venv, then run


You will also probably need libsnmp-dev system package. Check module setup output for details.