Last Updated on 2022-09-29

KB00008: Customizing EVA ICS updates

EVA ICS versions: 3.3.2 and 3.x above


The command “eva update” always updates EVA ICS to the latest version. However, sometimes it may be required to install the particular intermediate version e.g. for better backward compatibility or stability.


The problem can be solved in several ways:

Customizing the mirror

The local EVA ICS mirror can host any version required. To modify the default update version for secondary nodes, after running “eva mirror update” command, manually modify “/opt/eva/mirror/eva/update_info.json” file and specify the version required. Also, make sure the required version files are present in “/opt/eva/mirror/eva”, download missing files manually from

EVA ICS repository URL can be set either manually with “eva update -u <URL>” param, or by editing “/opt/eva/etc/eva_shell.ini” configuration file, or by specifying EVA_REPOSITORY_URL environment variable.

Forcing “eva update” to download and install specified version

The command “eva update” can download and install any EVA ICS version available. To specify the particular version, use EVA_UPDATE_FORCE_VERSION=<VER>:<BUILD> environment variable, e.g. the command

EVA_UPDATE_FORCE_VERSION=3.3.2:2021011501 eva update --YES

will try updating the local node to EVA ICS v3.3.2 build 2021011501.

Manually applying the update

Download the update script for the particular version/build from and run it in “/opt/eva” directory with bash, e.g.:

curl | bash

Note that update scripts don’t bring EVA ICS node up automatically. If the update has been failed, carefully investigate the problem and try either re-applying it or start previous EVA ICS version manually.