Creating Grafana data source

In Grafana UI, open Apps -> EVA ICS -> Connections and press “Add EVA ICS datasource button”.


Another way is to open Connections -> Data sources, press “Add new data source” and select “EVA ICS”.




Grafana allows to add multiple EVA ICS data sources with different API keys.

Create a new API key with eva-shell or use an existing one. For system monitoring dashboards, the key must have “admin” ACL set.

# when the key is created, copy "key" field
eva key create grafana-key1
# edit the key to set ACLs
eva key edit grafana-key1

or export an existing API key:

# copy "key" field
eva key export admin


It is highly recommended to create dedicated API keys for 3rd party applications.

Grafana data source

  • In the Grafana data source configuration, enter the data source name, HMI URL and paste the copied API key.

  • The HMI URL field must point to HMI root, not to “/ui” folder: http://YOURHOST:PORT

  • Press “Save and test”. If everything is configured properly, a success message will appear.