Amazon Web Services

AWS IoT as MQTT broker

MQTT broker is used when EVA ICS controllers are located in different networks and can not exchange data with P2P connections.

Instead of setting up dedicated MQTT server, you can use cloud-based service, e.g. AWS IoT.

  • Create AWS IoT Core “thing”

  • Apply the following policy:

    "Version": "2012-10-17",
    "Statement": [{
        "Effect": "Allow",
        "Resource": ["*"]

During installation

Options for EVA ICS installation (easy-setup):

  • MQTT host: AWS IoT endpoint host (

  • MQTT port: 8883

  • MQTT user, password: leave empty

  • MQTT space: leave empty

  • MQTT SSL: should be enabled (answer ‘y’ if using easy-setup; when notifier is configured later, SSL is automatically enabled as soon as ca_certs property is set)

  • MQTT CA file, cert file, key file: provided by AWS (use private key file as key file)

  • Disable MQTT retain (answer ‘y’ in easy-setup) to make sure no topics with retain flag will be sent to MQTT broker (otherwise EVA ICS controller will be instantly disconnected)

  • Use MQTT QoS 0 or 1 (default)

  • It’s recommended to create “things” for each EVA ICS controller. After setup, MQTT cert file and key file can be changed with CLI (eva ns [controller_type]…). Don’t forget to restart the controller to apply notifier configuration.

After installation

If no MQTT broker is set up, just run easy-setup again and follow the instructions.

If you want to set up additional MQTT broker, let’s create new MQTT notifier, e.g. for Logic Manager:

eva -I
ns lm
# create new notifier called e.g. "cmq"
# replace with your AWS endpoint
create cmq
# disable MQTT retain - required
set cmq retain_enabled 0
# announce controller every 5 seconds
set cmq announce_interval 5
# accept API calls
set cmq api_enabled 1
# discover other controllers
set cmq discovery_enabled 1
# Turn SSL on, set CA file provided by AWS
set cmq ca_certs /path/to/cafile
# Set cert and key file, both provided by AWS
set cmq keyfile /path/to/keyfile
set cmq certfile /path/to/certfile
# Test it, should work
test cmq
# if it works - subscribe notifier to item states
subscribe state cmq -g '#'
# restart controller server
server restart

Amazon Polly TTS

if you want to use Amazon Polly Text-to-Speech engine with EVA ICS, refer to Text-to-Speech documentation.