Roboger is a free robots event messaging service, which can be easily integrated with EVA ICS logic macros.

Servers supported

Logic Manager supports both and local Roboger server instances.


Preparing system

Logic Manager has pre-installed Roboger extension called rpush, which uses local Roboger client configuration settings from /usr/local/etc/roboger_push.ini. The easiest way to create Roboger push configuration is installing Roboger push CLI:

curl -s | sudo bash /dev/stdin YOUR_ROBOGER_ADDRESS

Preparing LM extension

rpush extension requires pyrpush module. Append “pyrpush” to EXTRA variable of /opt/eva/etc/venv and then rebuild EVA ICS venv:


Loading LM extension

As Logic Manager uses local Roboger push configuration file, no extra configuration is required. Just type:

eva lm ext load roboger rpush -y

and it’s ready to use.

Using in macros

After the extension is loaded, function roboger_push becomes available in all logic macros:

roboger_push(msg='test error', level='error')

The function parameters are equal to params of pyrpush.push function.