Machine Learning kit server

EVA ICS ML kit server is a EVA ICS v4 service which collects, prepares and outputs time-series data frames.

Key benefits:

  • The server converts long-format data, provided by SCADA into wide-format data, required for typical data engineering tasks

  • Data can be collected from multiple databases at once and in parallel

  • The server provides a dedicated EAPI (via BUS/RT) and HTTP API for data streams which can be used on client side to form huge data frames with low costs of resources

  • Data is pre-processed and prepared on the server side

  • For data modelling and testing purposes the server can also push data from data frames or files back to connected databases.

Supported data formats:

  • Apache Arrow IPC streams

  • Apache Arrow IPC files (upload only)

  • CSV (comma-separated values only)

ML server