Energenie EG-PM2-LAN

EG-PM2-LAN is an affordable smart power switch solution, which can be integrated with EVA ICS.


The switch API is pretty slow and it’s not recommended to fetch it on every state update request. To solve this, EG-PM2-LAN EVA PHI module has 2 different features:

  • cache=N socket state is cached for N seconds and unit gets cached state on updates.

  • update=N PHI performs item state updates by itself, update_interval item parameter is not required.

Additionally, PHI module has parameter skip_logout, which can be used to skip logout HTTP call and speed up API even more. Note, that if this parameter is set, you can not login to switch from another device, except the one Universal Controller is installed on.

Consider EG-PM2-LAN switch is set up with IP and password 123. We’ll use update feature and set skip_logiut. Update interval will be set to 60 seconds, that’s more than enough, as only EVA ICS can control the switch and states may differ only if switch reboot has been occurred.

eva uc phi download https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/phi/relays/eg_pm2lan.py
eva uc phi load eg1 eg_pm2lan -c host=,pw=123,skip_logout=1,update=60 -y
# create unit for port 1
eva uc create unit:control/u1 -y
# assign driver to unit 1
eva uc driver assign unit:control/u1 eg1.default -c port=1 -y
# create unit for port 2
eva uc create unit:control/u2 -y
# assign driver to unit 2
eva uc driver assign unit:control/u2 eg1.default -c port=2 -y
# enable unit actions
eva uc action enable unit:control/u1
eva uc action enable unit:control/u2
# ... repeat the steps for ports 3 and 4 if required ...