Last Updated on 2022-05-17

KB00011: Renaming EVA ICS nodes

EVA ICS versions: 3.0.0 and 3.x above


A EVA ICS node need to be renamed (host name, or “name” param in controller configuration files)


EVA ICS 3.4.0 and above


eva feature setup node_name name=NEW_NAME

EVA ICS 3.3.2 and below

Setting new node name

Set new node name either by changing its host name or by editing “server/name” parameter in the controller configuration files.

Then restart the node controllers:

eva server restart

Restoring local inter-connection

eva sfa controller append -a \$default http://localhost:8812
eva sfa controller append -a \$default http://localhost:8817
eva sfa save

eva lm controller append -a \$default http://localhost:8812
eva lm save

If the local SFA is configured as cloud manager, set the master key back:

eva sfa controller set uc/NEW_NAME masterkey KEY_VALUE
eva sfa controller set lm/NEW_NAME masterkey KEY_VALUE
eva sfa save