LM EI is a minimal interface for controlling the Logic Manager subsystem. The interface is not intended for daily use. It is designed exclusively for configuration, debugging and use in case of emergency, e. g. when the primary system interface is unavailable.

Logging in

To log into the interface, open http://IP_address_LM:port/ url (the default port is 8817), enter API key and press Enter to log in or Remember API key to log in and make your browser remember the key.

Login page

System information

Controller info

System information is at the bottom of the interface. Clicking on the Debug mode enables or disables the controller debugging mode.

Logic variables

The logic variables (lvars) page opens after logging in. On the top you see the controller name, key type (masterkey or the regular one) and data synchronization method (instant - via WebSocket, numeric value - via AJAX every X seconds).

Important: when you create/delete lvars, the interface does not automatically display the changes made. Use reload button or refresh the page in browser.

LVars page

Use SET button to set status and value of the variable, RESET button - to reset state if the variable is used as timer (sets its status and value to 1).


On the macros page you can review defined macros.

Macros page

You can run the macros, enable or disable their execution. As far as macros do not belong to items sharing their state via notification system (except for actions), the page doesn’t reload any external changes automatically.

Decision rules

The page displays the decision-making rules.

Rules page

It allows you to add, edit, delete and disable/enable rules of decision-making matrix. As far as decision-making rules do not belong to items sharing their state via notification system, the page doesn’t reload any external changes automatically.

Log viewer

The log page allows you to review the system log since the controller launch. If you set the report level to DEBUG, interface automatically prompts you to switch the controller to debugging mode.

Log viewer

Disabling the interface

For security reasons, it may be a good idea to disable the interface after the initial configuration and system debug. To do this, set webapi/ei-enabled:false in config/lm/main registry key and restart the controller.