Mobile clients


EVA ICS Control Center client

EVA ICS has got the official EVA ICS Control Center client to access HMI from Android-based mobile phones.


The client is evaHI-based application, so it can be configured in the same way.

HMI service automatically maps ui/.evahi directory to /.evahi URI. If a front-end server is used, URI should be accessible without user authentication to let all application features work properly.

EVA JS Framework function $eva.hiQR can be used to generate configuration QR code for the current authenticated user.

Building own client

A custom white-label Android client can be built from sources, customizing application class, name, menu, icons. Refer to evaHI building instructions.


evaHI sends username/password only if basic authentication is set up. However API login method automatically detects evaHI client (by HTTP User-Agent header) and ask it to provide authentication credentials.

If there is no front-end with basic authentication set up for all clients, HMI can display login form for everyone, but let evaHI-based clients to try logging in automatically via EVA JS Framework:

if ($eva.in_evaHI) {
} else {
    // show login form

Apple iOS and other mobile platforms

Currently we have no plans to release native iOS client, iPhone users may access HMI via 3rd-party apps or built-in mobile browser.