Xiaomi Yeelight

Yeelight is an affordable LED bulb with remote control via WiFi, which can be integrated with EVA ICS.


Firstly, bulb LAN control must be turned on (see https://www.yeelight.com/en_US/developer for more info).

After, corresponding EVA ICS PHI module can be loaded and assigned to unit.


In EVA ICS all LEDs have common single format, where unit status is 0 for OFF, 1 for ON and unit value is 24-bit hexadecimal color code.

Yeelight works in 2 modes: default (yellow-white) and color. If white color tone hex code is set to unit value, PHI module uses bulb API methods to put it in default mode and control brightness/temperature only, otherwise color mode is set and color LEDs are used.

Let’s connect the bulb to Universal Controller:

eva uc phi download https://pub.bma.ai/eva3/phi/lights/yeelight.py
# PHI module for Yeelight supports "discover" command, so we can discover
# the bulb in network to obtain its IP
eva uc phi discover yeelight
# consider the bulb has IP address
eva uc phi load ye1 yeelight -c host= -y
# create unit
eva uc create unit:lights/lamp1 -y
# assign driver
eva uc driver assign unit:lights/lamp1 ye1.default -y
# enable unit actions
eva uc action enable unit:lights/lamp1
# turn the bulb on and set it to, e.g. red:
eva uc action exec unit:lights/lamp1 1 -v "#FF0000" -w 5

PHI module has additional configuration param smooth=T, where T is time in milliseconds.