Cloud Manager UI

EVA ICS Cloud Manager UI is a desktop dashboard application, which allows to monitor and manage a remotely connected EVA ICS v4 node, as well as all other replicated nodes, connected as a managed ones (v4 only).


The application’s goal is to provide an interactive cloud dashboard with certain management functions. For complete management, refer to Command-line tools.

We are continuously extending Cloud Manager UI functionality to let it monitor more and more resources and perform more management operations. See EVA ICS Cloud Manager UI CHANGELOG for more details.


Download a package from , officially supported operating systems are:

  • Windows 10/11+ (download a .msi package)

  • Ubuntu 20.04/22.04 (download a .deb package)

Windows 10/11+

Download a .msi package and follow the instructions.

Linux (Ubuntu 20.04/22.04)

Download a .deb package and install it with:

apt install ./file.deb

For Gnome/KDE, an application shortcut is automatically created. For others, run the application as:


Other operating systems

Cloud Manager UI is an open-source application and can be built from source for almost any Linux distribution, macOS X and other.

Install Rust, download the source from and compile:

git clone
make prepare # deb-based Linux systems only
cargo build --release

Operating manual